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Volunteer with MWIA

Kate, MWIA volunteer, in India

Volunteering with MWIA provides an opportunity to gain a rich insight into the work for justice and development at home or overseas.

"I wanted to be exposed to a different world to my own"
Kate Harwood, MWIA volunteer

The MWIA Volunteer Program is aimed at anyone wishing to become more involved with Loreto works for justice and development in Australia and overseas.

Both long and short-term placements are fully self-funded and involve working with a specific project in a Loreto program in Australia or overseas. Placements vary depending on the need of each program. 

Download MWIA's Volunteer Brochure

Why volunteer with MWIA? 

  • Stand in solidarity with the most marginalised people and learn from them
  • Choose to work with women and communities, and experience life as they live it
  • See the reality of countries you visit and have a valuable cross-cultural experienc
  • Undertake a volunteer placement that is catered to your skills and interests. Put your abilities to good use by providing technical and tangible assistance to social justice and development projects
  • Choose an organisation that is small and personal, offering you security and support
  • Gain a greater understanding of the work of Loreto Sisters locally and overseas

Fenina, MWIA volunteer, in DarjeelingWhat qualities can I offer as an MWIA volunteer?

  • Motivation
  • Openness to cross-cultural experience
  • Willingness to learn from others
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Realistic self-assessment: strengths, limitations
  • Ability to reflect on self, others and situation
  • Demonstrated experience of conflict resolution or problem solving
  • Capacity for teamwork

Where can I volunteer?

MWIA has placed volunteers in Australia, Timor Leste, India (including Darjeeling and Nepal), Kenya, and Peru. Volunteer placements depend on the needs of our project partners.

How to become an MWIA Volunteer

MWIA has a structured process for interviewing and preparing volunteers. Find out about the application process here.

All volunteers must submit an application form and come in for an interview to discuss motivations for volunteering, expectations and where you might like to travel. Make sure to have a think about these beforehand, and have a couple of locations in mind in case your first preference cannot be accomodated.
Successful MWIA Volunteers participate in a preparation programme before they depart for their placement; the programme covers cross-cultural issues, expectations and well-being, spirituality and the Loreto charism, and practical issues.

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